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Islamic Calendar.

no reply Muharram It is the very first month in Islamic time schedule. The literal meaning of Muharram is “Forbidden”.

no reply Safar The second month, which is named so because of the word “Sifir” meaning zero or empty,

no reply Rabi ul Awwal Third constituent of Islamic Calendar,it is the best time of the year because the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was born in it.

no reply Rabi ul Thani Fourth part of Muslim year, and is named so as being the second month of spring.

no reply Jumad al Awwal It was called so because of freezing of water in this phase. It is also very significant month because the Holy Prophet (PBUH) married His first Wife, Hazrat Khatija (R.A) in it.

no reply Jumad al Thani It is the sixth month of Islamic Calendar named by Arabs because of winter time.

no reply Rajab It is the seventh and sacred month of Muslim year whose name was derived from the Arabic word “Rajaba”, which means “to respect”, as it was always considered as a sacred time.Moreover, the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah went on the journey of M`iraj (Ascension to Heavens) and brought back the gift of Salah for Muslims with Himself.

no reply Sha`ban It is the eighth month of the Islamic Calendar, whose name originated from a word “tash`aba”, which means to spread in different ways.

no reply Ramadhan Ramadhan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the month during which Muslims observe fasting from morning twilight (Fajr Prayer) to the evening twilight (Maghreb Prayer).

no reply Shawwal It is tenth month of the Islamic Calendar, whose name gets originated fromthe Arabic word “tashawwala”, referring to scarcity of milk in female camels and this time was associated by the ancient Arabs as a bad time of the year. But Allah SWT removed all these superstitions by awarding Muslims with the gift of Eid ul Fitr after month long fasting period of Ramadan. Fasting after celebrations in this phase is also deemed very highly by Rasulullah (PBUH).

no reply Dhu al-Qa’dah It is the eleventh month, which was always a sacred time of the year and was the first one in which the Arabs avoided fighting. The battle of Khandaq took place in it. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) returned to Makkah foroffering Pilgrimage in 7 A.H.

no reply Dhu al-Hijjah It is the last and one of the most auspicious months of the Islamic Calendar, which is named so because the grand Pilgrimage (Hajj), which is the 5th Pillar of the Islam is performed in it.

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