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    When I sum up my life lessons, most of the time my teachers and elders told me to speak the truth no matter what circumstances could occur. Like an obedient child, everybody followed the rule of truth. The moment we reach to the age of maturity where it is more expected be truthful, we started hiding the truth, and then it became habit. After all these phases we became a whole posture only filled with lie, we lie about being vulnerable, we don’t accept our failures, and no one wants to talk about the broken personalities. People only wear the mask of their strengths and live their life with a wide smile on their face.

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    Still everybody is concerned with the peace of world, first of we need to find peace within ourselves, live through the joys and sorrow, understand the value of truth, and then we can say about being at peace. When you aim for the goal, you know it will never be achieved at the time you ignored the important measurements. The world will be at peace at once, you started living a life of truth.

    Accept the fact that you are vulnerable, only power is faith and believe, find the peace of your mind within you. Your truth and the purpose of life were always there in your own heart. So, to achieve the goal understand the needs first, aim towards it after taking few precautions and aim for the truth first.

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    Western concept on Islam is completely blurred. People do not try to research about the matter but they focus on each and every word that is uttered from the mouth of someone. So, when Muslim utter unkind words, people will forget about your virtues but words will remain there. Islam is the religion of compassion and peace and both can be maintained by the person itself. The way one responds and how you use your words matter a lot. You are given the right of freedom of speech but how you are going to use your speech is up to you. You are what you think you are so, be sure that you think good about yourself. Let the negativity flow through your mind and should not affect your brain in a way that your words get bitter.

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    Keep in mind that you are a Muslim and you are supposed to be polite to your last extent and never let people create misconception on Islam because of your words. Be wise while uttering words from your mouth, they can hurt someone very deep and there is no chance to get them back.

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    Belief on Allah and kindness with his creation, this is the ultimate journey of any righteous person in the world. This is the basic concept of being on the right path. Life is a journey about being merciful for others as you Allah is kind to you. People who find their spiritual goals find their solace in serving humanity. They start binding their happiness with others need, fulfilling someone’s wish for the sake of Allah shows your moral values.

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    It doesn’t matter if you are wealthy enough to serve someone, sometimes all you need to give time, help, or just pass out a smile, and it might turn someone’s bad day into a good day. Choose the path of that your creator has defined for, your purpose of life is to be humble with other creations.

    Every deed you execute for the sake of Allah will be rewarded by him according to your intention. If one spends his life this way he or she will be on the journey of moral values. You might have to face many hardships while you are on the right path but keep faith in Allah because he won’t let you down anytime.

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